Mental Health

We believe there are too many people with mental health needs currently in hospital  settings who, with the right support, would thrive in community settings, if receiving the correct recovery support.

We provide support and recovery for those with mental health issues, forensic histories and/or addictive behaviours. Many issues overlap – however, each issue must be dealt with individually, to support positive recovery.

Our model of recovery is designed to empower people. Our experience shows that with the right support, from a trusted team, people can recover. Moving away from traditional models of hourly based support, we deliver timely support at the time it is required. Additionally, support is not prescriptive as situations can change so rapidly. This provides a step up/step down approach, so unnecessary dependencies on support are not formed. 

Although members of the core staff team are always accessible, they are not routinely engaged. Primarily, this is to ensure that there is sufficient skill and knowledge on hand to deal with any situations which might arise, during the recovery period, but we give people the opportunity to progress and grow. 

Supporting someone with a mental illness often requires the management of risk, considering unpredictability and cycles of relapse and recovery. Hence, it can often be more productive to delay certain activities or planned sessions for a few hours. Our primary role is to support people to work with their strengths and eliminate the ‘patient’ identity. This is considered on a case by case basis.

Once recovery is underway, our outreach/community team continues to provide support for as long as required, including identifying and/or providing suitable accommodation and securing tenancies. 

Our supported living homes provide stylish and purpose-built surroundings, to ensure people are supported and encouraged to live as independently as possible. 

All of our homes are located in Solihull, with excellent transport links. Hence, they provide the perfect setting to enjoy exploring new places, meeting up with family and friends and participating in new hobbies and interests.