Autism is a developmental disability that often affects how a person communicates with and relates to others.

Whilst most individuals with Autism share similar challenges and traits, the condition affects people in many different ways. Our approach puts the individual at the heart of what we do. We listen, learn and build relationships, providing support that’s unique to each person. 

Where a person has limited or non-verbal communication, we work closely with Speech and Language Therapists. Communication is enhanced through mediums, including direct communication, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) boards and symbols, communication passports, talking albums, and Ipads/tablets. 

Asperger’s Syndrome is a type of Autism, which often presents with over above intelligence. Although, speech may not be affected, there may be difficulties with either the processing or understanding of language. For some with Autism, they live largely independent lives – for others, they require more prolonged, additional support. 

The starting point is looking at what someone can do, as opposed to what they can’t. We then build their support plan around their specific needs and work with them to identify what they want to achieve. All outcomes are directed by the person and detailed into the plan using the persons own words – many of those we support write large parts of their support plan, supported with pictures, photos and visual prompts.

We provide specialist support for people living with autism and associated complex needs. We offer a range of bespoke, high quality support pathways that focus on individual outcomes and enhancing independence. Our support includes supported living both as an individual or as part of a group as well as and outreach, daytime and community support.

Our supported living homes provide stylish and purpose-built surroundings, to ensure people are supported and encouraged to live as independently as possible. 

All of our homes are located in Solihull, with excellent transport links. Hence, they provide the perfect setting to enjoy exploring new places, meeting up with family and friends and participating in new hobbies and interests.