Home Care

The flexibility of our home care services enable you to live safely and comfortably in the place you know best – your home.

There are times when we all need a little extra support. Whether it’s help around the home, personal care, medication prompts or mobility support, we will provide you with support that suits your personal needs. 

Your support can be short term or for longer periods. It can range from a half-an-hour support, through to several visits a day or longer block periods. The support plans are directed by you and focused entirely on you. The aim is to enhance and promote your independence. 

Support includes:

  • Helping you with your personal care needs.
  • Continence and toileting support.
  • Medication management.
  • Food and drink preparation and intake.
  • Supporting cognitive impairments.
  • Double handed support and mobility assistance. 
  • Falls prevention.

We also work closely with Occupational Therapy, where an assessment regarding any home modifications and the possibility of particular grants can be done. The primary aim being that you remain in your own home for the foreseeable future. 

Potential aids can be used to enhance speech, hearing and sight, navigation, safe walking, memory and understanding. There are also electronic pager and alarm systems, such as Telecare. Hence, should you require support, you would just push the button and an alert would be sent to the emergency services. 

We also provide Reablement care, which is short term care following a period of accident or illness; support will generally be for no longer than 6 weeks. Your support plan, directed by you, outlines your recovery goals and aims over that timeframe. These can be broken down into smaller goals that you can aim for on a daily or weekly basis. Visits will be scheduled at times that suit you. 

Our support plans are flexible and responsive, regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we are providing the right level of care that meets your evolving needs.

Progress is measured during each visit and as each milestone is met, outcomes and goals can be amended to reflect your changing capabilities. 

Our services give you the extra support and reassurance required, especially after a period of illness or injury, whilst you get back on your feet. Home Care is not only about providing support within your home – your core staff team will support you to go out and about, be that shopping, attending events, visiting family and friends or venturing out into the community.

‘The care provided by Sandant is of a higher standard than other agencies we have used in the past and they respond to emergencies really well.’