Housing Related Support

Need a bit of extra support to keep on top of your household management?

We can help with our housing related support services – working alongside the person to manage their home, including guidance and support paying bills, securing the home, and managing the tenancy. We work with people to understand their roles and responsibilities as tenants, to remain in their home, for as long as they wish. We can also arrange modifications to the home, which support greater independence.

Staff support people to budget their finances in relation to the paying of household bills. For example, working out when particular benefits are due and allocating direct debits and/or standing orders, as well as shopping budgets to ensure finances are spread evenly over any given month.

Support includes:

  • Guidance and support paying bills.
  • Securing the home.
  • Managing a tenancy.
  • Budgeting support.
  • Benefit support.

We also have close working links with employment and training organisations and we support  people to access education, paid employment, volunteering and training opportunities. This includes working with the Jobcentre to support CV writing, job searching and interview techniques.

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