Referral and Assessment

Who can make a referral to Sandant Care?

Referrals come to us from a wide variety of sources, including placement breakdowns, Special Education Needs schools, and individuals looking to leave the family home for the first time. Referrals can be made by a social worker, care manager or the individual’s parents, although the
care manager acting on behalf of that individual must be consulted before an assessment can take place.

How do I make a referral?

To make a referral, please call 0121 448 5010, email

What happens during the assessment process?

Our assessment process is designed to ensure we can offer a placement where the person we’ll be supporting can achieve the most positive outcomes. In each case, we look at the whole person to determine their suitability for a particular service. When we receive an enquiry, we review the individual’s high level care requirements to ensure we are able to provide appropriate support. If this is the case, the enquiry is passed to our team, who arrange to meet the individual, and typically their family, social worker and current support staff, to complete the assessment. During the conversation, we take into account everyone’s views, listen to the individual’s preferences, and then match their needs to the availability we have.

What is a person-centred assessment?

A person-centred assessment is based on the principle that the individual is at the centre of the assessment process, as the expert on their own life. The objective is to take account of the person’s wishes, preferences and goals, to promote their wellbeing and to identify, together with the
individual and their close family or circle of support, how best to use care and support to achieve those outcomes.

What is the waiting time for a placement?

Waiting times will vary depending on the current circumstances of the individual, their particular care requirements our services in the area. Our objective is always to avoid unsettling those involved with as smooth a transition period as possible. We are able to manage emergency placements where necessary.

What if the referral is an emergency?

We recognise that sometimes a move has to be arranged very quickly. We’re able to offer emergency placements, completing an assessment as soon as possible after an enquiry is received, while still ensuring the placement is entirely suitable and staff are able to provide the most
appropriate support. To find our more, or make a referral, please call 0121 448 5010, email