Care Planning

Who determines a person’s care needs?

Individual care needs are determined during the assessment process by our team in combination with the individual themselves, their care worker and, where appropriate, close family. Suitability for a placement is also reviewed by our experienced Service Managers, before passing to the funding authority for approval. Local authorities complete their own care needs assessment (CNA) and base the funding level on this.

What is a local authority Care and Support Plan?

Following an assessment, the relevant local authority will confirm how it will meet the eligible needs of an individual requiring support in a Care and Support Plan. The plan is a detailed document setting out what services will be provided, how they will meet the person’s needs, when they will be provided, and who will provide them. The plan is reviewed annually, or if circumstances change.

What is a personal Care Plan?

Everyone we support has their own personal care plan, tailored to their specific needs. Initially, we gather information at the assessment stage, from previous placements, the individual’s family and their care professional. This helps define precisely the support required. Our Service Manager finishes the plan, detailing any potential risks to the individual and providing specific guidance on how to support them.

Once a person is accessing one of our services, their care plan will expanded and updated as staff get
to know them better. The plan is reviewed annually and updated following any change in
circumstances or medical professional input.