Childrens Respite Care

Respite care is a form of short-term care. We’re here to make sure your child has the right support, even if you’re not around. Whether it’s covering a two-week holiday, a short break, or needed because of sickness or a family emergency, we’re here when you need us. 

Respite care gives families a much needed break, allowing them the time and space to re-charge their batteries and improve their own well-being. This type of care enables your child to stay at home, without disturbing their routine or taking them from their familiar surroundings. Additionally, we can provide residential respite within our facilities for a few days at a time or for longer block bookings. 

During respite care, we can provide:

  • Medication Support – this includes providing specialist support with managing ventilation, feeding or heart defects.
  • Personal care – to ensure that your child is clean and comfortable.
  • Waking nights – we can stay in your child’s room to ensure that they are cared for throughout the night. 
  • Community Activities –  your child is supported to participate in events with other children, including attendance at school.
  • Holidays and short breaks – attendance and group outings with other children, which are staffed and risk assessed accordingly.

‘The overall care has been great and we have been very happy with both Carers. I think my son really enjoys seeing his Carer come through the door and they are all building a nice little relationship’.