Challenging Behaviours

We use a range of systems and techniques to support people with challenging behaviour. Each person has an assigned lead-worker who oversees their support package, which is delivered by their core team.

A dedicated support team are more likely to become familiar with a person’s behaviours, understand triggers, recognise small nuances and respond consistently, to ensure any challenging behaviours are effectively managed and reduced, pre-empting and de-escalating situations. 

Support staff are trained in physical intervention/break away techniques, which ensures a consistent approach to behaviour management based on time and space, empathy and reassurance. We look at how situations can best be managed, using diversion and distraction, as well as low arousal techniques. We have been able to adapt the environment to better meet a person’s needs using continuous ‘plan, do and review’ cycles.

All staff are trained in Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). Behavioural support focusses on getting to know the person and understand how emotions impact behaviours. It focuses on the prevention and reduction of behaviours that may challenge, through partnership working with other health and social care professionals, shared skill building and rejecting any restrictive practices. 

We offer a range of bespoke, high quality support pathways that focus on individual outcomes and enhancing independence, with the aim at reducing or eliminating challenging behaviours. Our support includes supported living, both as an individual or as part of a group as well as outreach, daytime and community support.

Our supported living homes provide stylish and purpose-built surroundings, to ensure people are supported and encouraged to live as independently as possible. 

All of our homes are located in Solihull, with excellent transport links. Hence, they provide the perfect setting to enjoy exploring new places, meeting up with family and friends and participating in new hobbies and interests.